Welcome to my Fanime swap meet goods catalog!

Here you’ll find a listing of the goods I have on sale at my Fanime 2017 booth for swap meet!

All my items are Japanese imports of high quality – this is not stuff you will normally find in the dealer’s hall (and if you did they would be marked up beyond all belief). In fact, every year I’ve had dealers from the dealer’s hall come and buy some of my stock. So come check out some really cool and rare goods straight from the Land of the Rising Sun!

I will be selling Thursday from 7:30PM to 12AM and on Friday from 8PM to 1AM. My booth will have a lot of wall scrolls on display and will be hard to miss. Come by and take a look!

Swap Meet 2016 booth.

My booth at Swap Meet 2016. My booth in 2017 will likely have a similar layout, so it should be super easy to find!

All of my items are from my personal collection, and so with very few exceptions, I only have one copy of everything in stock! So if you have something specific you want, get to my booth early and grab it!

Although most of the more big-ticket items are listed on the website, I also will be bringing a lot of smaller items and trinkets. So what’s listed here is a very non-exhaustive list of what I will have in stock.

Thanks for looking and enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me as well.